Role Name

Workplace Consultants

The Role

WGS Workplace Consultants are client facing team members who provide sales that positively impact our entire WGS Team. Some of the skills set and activities that are critical to our WGS Workplace Consultants’ success include business development, functioning as the quarterback of their specific team from start of project cycle through completion, and strategizing on the correct product and layout solutions. They develop these solutions by listening to our clients and strategic partners, then developing workplace solutions based on client input and feedback. They facilitate our clients’ experiences, and provide environments that reflect our clients culture and core values. The opportunity is both challenging and rewarding, and our team of Workplace Consultants develop and maintain client and strategic partner relationships with a long term perspective in mind. WGS provides opportunities for growth and development. If interested, we’d love to review opportunities at WGS to determine if they are congruent with your goals as you continue your career path and life’s journey.

Please attach your cover letter, resume, and references.