Berkley Net

BerkleyNet is a workers compensation provider that does all of their business online. Their goal is to make doing business ridiculously easy & amazingly fast.

Employee happiness was of the utmost importance in this space. User experience was prioritized with a special sensitivity to budget. Multiple budget revisions leaned on WGS expertise to make suggestions on where to spend and where to save. This resulted in every workstation having access to natural light and every desk in the office having height adjustability. The emphasis on a strong team culture was supported by designing gathering spaces to be fun and stimulating. BerkleyNet was very pleased with their new ‘industrial modern’ office space.


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The M Group, Cushman & Wakefield


48,800 SF


Commercial Office

SitOnIt Focus

National Waveworks

Industry West Machinist, Kimball Bloom, Kimball Dwell

Olhausen Breckenridge Shuffleboard Table

The team at WGS provided us with guidance and creative solutions when it came time to furnish our new office. They worked with us every step of the way to ensure that our project ran smoothly and turned out beautifully.

McKenzie Holmes

Berkley Net, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience

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